Here is English shorthand dictation audio playlist for all exam preparation. All dictation in 110 words per minute speed. You can play this audio and write in shorthand. For more dictation you can find regular updates.

Transcription of dictation no. – 12

Dear sir,

  1. 401 words 110wpm
  2. 424 words 110 wpm
  3. 400 words dictation 110wpm
  4. 400 words 110wpm
  5. 396 words 110wpm
  6. 415 words 110wpm
  7. 394 words 110wpm
  8. 407 words 110 wpm
  9. 400 words 110wpm
  10. 405 words 110 wpm
  11. 400 words 110 wpm
  12. 152 words 110 wpm (Exercise dictation)
  13. 251 words 110wpm
  14. 275 words 110 wpm
  15. 100 words 110wpm
  16. 113 words 110wpm
  17. 178 words 110wpm
  18. 250 words 110wpm
  19. 420 words 110wpm
  20. 296 words 110wpm
  21. 350 words 110wpm
  22. 350 words 110wpm
  23. 236 words 110wpm

In reply to yours of the 11th ins., we regret to state that under the circumstances we cannot accept the mere apology on the part of your client. This conduct of your client has been a source of annoyance for a considerable time, and in spite of our requests that such conduct should cease, and notwithstanding the fact that legal proceedings have been threatened, the statements of which we complain have continued. From first to last we have been face to face with inconvenience in consequence of your client’s attitude. Under the circumstances, and having regard to what has happened an apology is out of the question. On the contrary, we shall be compelled to seek redress in the law courts in respect of your client’s statements, and shall instruct our solicitors to take action forthwith, unless your client is prepared to pay the amount of damages claimed.

152 words
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