1. Listening the dictation and write in short hand.
2. Calculate your wrong words and practice there outline.
3. Practice continued….

Transcription of dictation no. – 14
For the first time in the history of the company. Said the speaker, we report an adverse balance. In the first instance, we have had a serious strike at the works, but you will be glad to know that all disputes have been amicably settled. In the next place, we have had some very heavy law expenses with reference to our existing patents, and with reference to which a statement appears in the report. In the last place, our annual turnover has not been up to expectations, though, by the way, it slightly exceeds the figures of last year. You will be glad to hear that our new manager has introduced several excellent reforms which will bear fruit in the near future.

  1. 424 words 105wpm
  2. 401 words 105wpm
  3. 400 words dictation 105wpm
  4. 400 words 105wpm dictation
  5. 396 words 105wpm
  6. 415 words 105wpm
  7. 394 words 105 wpm
  8. 407 words 105 wpm
  9. 400 words 105wpm
  10. 405 words 105 wpm
  11. 400 words 105 wpm
  12. 152 words 105 wpm (Exercise dictation)
  13. 251 words 105wpm
  14. 275 words 105 wpm
  15. 100 words 105wpm
  16. 113 words 105wpm
  17. 250 words 105wpm
  18. 178 words 105wpm
  19. 296 words 105wpm
  20. 350 words 105wpm
  21. 350 words 105wpm
  22. 236 words 105wpm
  23. 420 words 105wpm

It would be out of place for me in the short space of time at my disposal to try to go fully into the details of the accounts. Moreover, we expect tot receive, very shortly, a further report from the auditors. Having regard to the present state of affairs, and in consequence of certain criticisms, we think it best under the circumstances, to have an independent investigation, and the auditors have been asked to give a frank expression of opinion in reference to the affairs of the company. The position is a difficult on. On the one hand we are told that as a matter of course the business ought to be prosperous, yet as a matter of fact, the contrary is the case. What is the matter we hope to hear from the auditors, who are looking into the matter, and who are expected to report in a few days.

275 words
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