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  1. Hai guys,
    I am doing junior level in shorthand, I am so stable in my speed.when my sir dictating speed that time I am so struck and stable the stocks. But I am practice so well.II don’t understand my mistake. How can I develop my speed and confident. Please friends. Kindly give me your opinion and suggestions for me. I am waiting for the reply.
    Thank you.

    • It’s like my boy studies in class and gets good marks, but in main exams, he is getting less marks.

      Its only mindset I feel. You should see indifference where ever you are, of course may be with little practice, one can shift the paradigm.

      Teller – Writer in between a Pencil / Pen writing on a book.
      Except the former, all others remain the same.

      I feel, with littlebit practice, you can acquire it easily.

      Of course with certain exceptions – if the teller’s voice is not clear, audible, the above may be little difficult.

      Enjoy. Best of Luck.

    • Practice the word up to 4 lines which u r feeling difficult to write….N also take a dictation by ur self by writing in time so by dat u can improve ua speed….And also translate

    • Brother don’t hurry too much i will take time. You can’t build your body by doing all kinds of rebs in a day it will exhausted your body and minds, like this shorthand nead time it will take time to pratice and become perfect, there is a difference between learning and perfection. Learning is easy but becoming excellent in your work this you have to work on. Don’t give hope. Write as much as u can. Go beyound your limits. Pick up any english newspaper and take dictation.
      Best of luck bro.

  2. I m unable to listen this audio..
    It is being played but sound is not coming will you plz help me out..
    nd plz tell me how can i download this audio????

  3. kindly also allow the students to download the dictation and if you require my help in dictation pls you are welcome.


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