Court steno exam dictation – 4 (supreme court phrases) audio playlist — 23 Comments

  1. Sir,

    Im practicing for confidential assistant job.I dont have any previous experiences.but I am a diploma student,in secretarial I know shorthand and typing.

    Please mam help me how can I improve my self for this C A exam???and how can I practice daily for dictation, (hour base) tell me mam

  2. Hai guys,
    I am doing junior level in shorthand, I am so stable in my speed.when my sir dictating speed that time I am so struck and stable the stocks. But I am practice so well.II don’t understand my mistake. How can I develop my speed and confident. Please friends. Kindly give me your opinion and suggestions for me. I am waiting for the reply.
    Thank you.

    • I am a steno teacher. Do more and more transcription in limited time. Then, after transcription what you have to do is, compare it and then realise by uorself, what kind of mistakes you did and (make sure) u r advised not to repeat those mistakes again. I again suggest you to do more and more transcription and if you have problems in some words during writing or dictation do practice those words.
      Trust me. It works.

  3. sir/madam i qualified in the stenography grade c and grade d … but i am don’t know the details of the skill test i would be greatful to you if plz email me the detilas

  4. kya stenographer ke skill test me kissi ka namm bhii bol sakte (live on dead ) any person……
    oor kya court se koii order jari huaa he stenographer ke test ke liaa (dictation se sambandit)

  5. Anyone from anywhere can get the written passage and can post, but “Specialization” matters here. As Steno India, itself, is an innovation in the field Stenography and has capability to change the life of a candidate. Its marvelous… But, the only thing which still lack in Steno India is the absence of “OUTLINES”. So, it is the humble request from a candidate to please upload the outlines of the same passage. So that a needful candidate can get to his/ her success point by following your site, as the site itself playing a high role in the field of Stenography.

    • just open the website in firefox browser and choose any of the above category and then right click on dictation and then choose save link as
      then go to drop box and choose save file type save as mp3.. done have a good day

  6. This website is very help full for those people who have no instructor very good effort and humble thank you who done this job and god give him prosperity. he may live long. Thank you ……………..very much

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